Film director: Chad Daybell may turn against Lori Vallow

  • "Sins of Our Mother" on Netflix follows the case of Lori Vallow.
  • Director Sky Borgman shares her theory on how things may play out.
  • Vallow’s trial is still set to begin April 3.

(NewsNation) — The Netflix documentary “Sins of Our Mother” focuses on the tragic story of Lori Vallow, the mom accused of killing her two children who went missing in 2019 and were found dead on the property of now-husband Chad Daybell.

Police investigating the killings discovered that the couple were a part of a doomsday preparation group and that Vallow had written books about the end of the world. Both are charged in the deaths of 17-year-old Tylee and 7-year-old Joshua.

“Sins of Our Mother” director Sky Borgman told NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Tuesday that if she had to guess, Lori Vallow will “stay true” to Chad Daybell, but Daybell might turn on Vallow.

The pair were set to stand trial together April 3, but a judge severed the cases. Vallow’s trial is still set to begin that day, while her husband’s has been postponed, reported.

“Since (Daybell’s) trial is after (Vallow’s), he gets a little bit more information on what’s going to happen, and he’s going to be able to make up his mind,” Borgman said. “I don’t think she’s been particularly reasonable listening to people’s advice. … Even if the lawyers are saying, ‘Do whatever you can to throw Chad under the bus,’ I just don’t know if that’s something she’s gonna listen to. I think she listens to a different set of beliefs, a different set of circumstances and certainly a different set of what’s right and wrong.”


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