With Putin’s threats, rich are building bunkers


(NewsNation) — Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons to protect Russian territory, and the super-rich are taking notice. Some billionaires around the world have invested in bunkers that could help them survive nuclear fallout.

British billionaires in particular took notice this week when a member of Putin’s government called the United Kingdom “the root of all evil” and suggested that Russian nukes could turn them into a “Martian desert.”

If you have between $10 and $25 million to spend on these bunkers, there’s nothing to worry about. And a handful of companies around the world will customize them for you, too.

Some requests include heated pools and a climbing wall. The standards of these bunker palaces include home cinemas, gyms, bowling alleys, libraires, games rooms and even a sauna.  

Top locations for these new forever homes are New Zealand, the United States, England and South Korea.

Some reports say Bill Gates has one of these bunkers, or something similar, under every one of his homes. A Texas company called Rising S says a bunker that can house 50 people would cost just under $10 million.

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