With queen’s death, products must ‘ketchup’ with times


(NewsNation) — More than 800 brands, including Heinz and Coca-Cola, no longer have the rights to a Royal Warrant since Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Brands, however, can continue to feature a royal coat of arms for up to two years, provided there “is no significant change within the company concerned,” according to the official website.

In order to qualify for a royal coat of arms, brands must supply “products or services on a regular and on-going basis to the Royal Households of Grantor/s for not less than five years out of the past seven.”

Brands can now reapply for a warrant by proving that the royal family still uses their products.

A warrant is usually granted for up to five years and reviewed in the year before it’s due to expire so that a decision can be made as to whether it should be renewed for another period.

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