Would you implant a debit card chip in your hand?


(NewsNation) — Would you implant a debit card chip into your hand?

A company called Walletmore is developing a very small chip that could be implanted into humans, basically making your hand a wallet.

Wojtek Paprota, CEO and founder of Walletmor, joined NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Thursday to explain.

The chip is made with “near-field communication” technology, so it can only be used when you’re touching or within a few centimeters of paying for something.

“It’s exactly the same technology as (a) credit card,” Wojtek said. “You cannot lose money when you are shaking hands with anyone. It doesn’t have any internal source of energy.”

Wojtek has been testing out the chip himself.

“I haven’t been the first person to get it installed, and reactions are pretty wild,” Wojtek said. “In most cases, it turns out to be a positive conversation because as long as we explain how it works, and what is actually inside, they are pretty much optimistic about it.”

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