Airbus unveils three ‘zero-emission’ planes, aims for 2035 launch


TOULOUSE, France (NewsNation Now) — Airbus unveiled three new concept planes as part of the aviation giant’s plan to transition into zero-emission aircraft.

All three concepts would run on liquified hydrogen rather than standard jet fuel.

The first, a twin-engined turbofan-powered jet, would seat between 100-200 passengers with hydrogen storage behind the rear bulkhead. The second is a turboprop that would be powered by hydrogen combustion in modified gas-turbine engines. The third concept, a flying wing concept, would also hold up to 200 passengers in a radical design.

“As recently as five years ago, hydrogen propulsion wasn’t even on our radar as a viable emission-reduction technology pathway,” said Glenn Llewellyn, Airbus VP of Zero Emissions. “Today, we’re excited by the incredible potential hydrogen offers aviation in terms of disruptive emissions reduction.”

Airbus officials said on Monday they hope to have all three into production by 2035.

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