Economist explains why Americans aren’t using all their PTO

(NewsNation) — Many American employees aren’t taking all their paid time off, according to new data reported by the The Washington Post.

The data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that just 1.7% of Americans went on vacation on any given week last year, and about 55% of American workers didn’t use all their vacation days in 2022.

Economist and futurist Rebecca Ryan broke down new vacation trends that are being seen in the workforce, explaining why they are changing.

Ryan explained that many Americans are taking shorter, mini vacations instead of week-long vacations, especially since many employers are now lumping sick time and vacation time into one bucket of paid time off.

“Most Americans hedge and they want to leave some days in that PTO bucket in case they or a dependent get sick,” Ryan said.

Watch Rebecca Ryan’s full interview in the video player above.


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