Company offering mothers support during formula shortage


(NewsNation) —Believing parents should be supported whether they choose to breast feed or formula feed their children is central to the mission of a company called Simplifed aiming to help mothers during the baby formula shortage.

Simplifed founder and CEO Andrea Ippolito’s own experiences as a mother helped her recognize the need to connect parents to resources to help feed their children.

Her company offers mothers virtual breastfeeding lessons and access to other breastfeeding support. All of it can be covered under the Affordable Care Act.

“We provide nonjudgmental support no matter how you feed your baby,” Ippolito said. “Whether that’s formula or breastfeeding, donor milk, breast pumping. We work with parents to get this covered by their health plan.”

Right now, Simplifed is offering a free appointment to everyone, regardless of insurance status, Ippolito said.

Simplifed’s services have become all the more crucial during a baby formula shortage that has left some parents desperate to find ways to feed their children.

“It’s a tragedy, what’s happening right now, it’s a public health emergency, and so how we’re helping them is through free appointments,” Ippolito said. “If you’re pregnant come to us and we will help support you or provide a free appointment to help create a plan for you.”

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