Florida Chick-fil-A franchise offers 3-day workweek


(NewsNation) — A Chick-fil-A franchise in Florida is now offering an option for a three-day workweek.

Justin Lindsey, a franchisee in Kendall, Florida, is allowing employees to work 40 hours in three days. The new plan is intended to improve employee retention, work-life balance and career growth.

Lindsey told QSR Magazine that he began a new system where employees worked in two different “pods.”

The pods would allow employees to condense their week-long schedules into three-day blocks of 13- to 14-hour shifts. Lindsey told QSR Magazine that the system he started back in February has seen 100 percent retention at the management level since, NewsNation affiliate WFLA reported.

Julie Bauke, the president and chief career strategist of The Bauke Group, joined Morning in America to discuss how this schedule and approach could work for other companies.

“What I love about this is they’re giving it as an option,” Bauke said.

She explained that the plan is not for everyone, but Lindsey had about 25% of his workforce who were interested and participated in the workweek shift. Lindsey reported success from this experiment and said that there have been zero turnovers since the new plan has been tested. The option has even resulted in over 400 job applications from people who want to participate.

“This is a way to provide an option — a flexible option — that allows people to live their whole lives, instead of having to do everything on a pre-written, predetermined schedule,” Bauke said.

She explained that the lesson here is that, “One size does not fit all” and that this option could also work for some other industries.

Bauke said that it’s important for people in leadership and management roles to be open to change and not get stuck in what has always been done in the past.

“Regardless of what your people do, in most cases, there’s a way to give them flexibility and choice. The key here is you’ve got to ask people, get your team involved in coming up with options and be willing as a leader to pilot them,” she said.

However, it is important to be transparent with employees during trial runs and be upfront with them that it isn’t a promise it will continue, Bauke explained.

“The talent shortage will not hit you nearly as hard as it’s hitting those organizations who are trying to get back to the way it once was,” she said.

Bauke continued, “Giving people options with the ability to live their lives and work is one of the things that they’re looking for. And if you create that for them, and it works for both parties, you will keep them. The great resignation will not let you hit you nearly as hard as it’s hitting those organizations that are really sticking their head in the sand when it comes to flexibility.”

A representative for Chick-fil-A told NewsNation’s parent company Nexstar that several other Chick-fil-A restaurant operators have since reached out to Lindsey for tips on implementing their own similar workweeks. The rep stressed, however, that Chick-fil-A has no plans to institute or begin testing the idea across its restaurants.

NewsNation affiliate WFLA contributed to this report.

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