For cheaper gas, some Texans are heading to Mexico


(NewsNation) — To get cheaper gas prices, some people might drive to the station the next neighborhood over, or even the next city.

Some Americans on the Mexican border are going all the way to the next country to avoid the record-high cost of gas.

The average cost of gas is $4.19 a gallon in El Paso, and that has climbed 61 cents in just the last week, Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas spokesperson, said.

That rapid rise has some El Paso drivers headed south of the border to fill up their tanks. Mexican gas stations say they’ve seen long lines of American cars.

“It’s better to fill up here than wasting more money over there,” Oscar Diaz of El Paso told NewsNation local affiliate KTSM.

Mexico sells gas by the liter. There, a liter costs more than 16 pesos, about $3 a gallon, or $1.15 less expensive than in America.

“The people come really early. The first cars to come in are Americans, they have to wait for a while,” Victor Chavez, a gasoline vendor from Juarez, Mexico, said. “The first thing they ask is how much is the gas. Then they make the comment it is so much more expensive over there.”

This trend along the border could grow as gas prices in Mexico are expected to remain relatively flat following that government’s removal of the federal gas tax. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has pledged to subsidize the prices of gas and diesel to stabilize prices.

On the other hand, while a growing number of lawmakers are calling for a gas tax holiday, it hasn’t happened yet, meaning prices are expected to rise in America.

“It’s $1.51 higher than a year ago and we anticipate it will continue to go higher,” Armbruster said.

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