Get paid to nap: Casper hires sleepers


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(NewsNation) — Casper is hiring sleepers, and yes, you read that right.

The online mattress company is looking for those who want to nap and are able to sleep in unexpected, loud places.

Founded in New York City in 2014, Casper sells sleep products such as mattresses, bed frames, sheets and more products online and in some retail shops.

According to the job posting on their website, “Casper Sleepers” need to be willing to “show off their sleeping skills in public, on social and anywhere else people are looking.”

In addition to professionally napping, sleepers will need to be able to create and share their experiences through TikTok-style content on social platforms.

Casper’s dream candidate has an “exceptional sleeping ability.” This means they desire to sleep as much as possible, can sleep through anything and have a passion for sleep, which includes talking and boasting about how much they love to sleep. The candidates will also need to be comfortable in front of or behind the camera. The company prefers candidates residing in New York City, but it isn’t a requirement.

The job also has additional perks, like being able to wear pajamas at work. Plus, sleepers receive a limited amount of free Casper products.

The position only offers part-time hours and candidates must be 18 years or old in order to apply. Casper is encouraging applicants to apply for this dream job via TikTok, explaining why they’d be right for the job.

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