Ten jobs that could survive a recession

(NewsNation) — The possibility of a future recession could have some employees fearing for their job. But some careers are more likely to weather a bumpy economy better than others.

Dan Gilgoff, the vice president of AARP.org, said the group has compiled a list of ten recession-proof jobs that are expected to weather any economic downturns.


Waiting tables is one job that doesn’t require any specific education or training. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 10% job growth in the field between 2021-2031, and the average salary is $26,000.

Emergency dispatcher

This role, which involves answering 911 calls and coordinating first responders, is projected to grow 4% by 2031. To get a job as a dispatcher, it typically requires a high school diploma and some states or cities may require additional certification. The average salary is $46,650.

Sales consultant

Sales jobs are projected to hold steady in upcoming years and the amount of training and education varies by industry, as do average salaries.

Marketing and business development director

Marketing manager jobs are also projected to over coming years at a faster than average rate. These jobs typically require a college degree and have an average salary of $133,380 per year.

Bookkeeping, accounting or auditing clerk

While job growth is projected to decline slightly in the field of bookkeeping and accounting, however the BLS projects there will continue to be a need for new clerks as people retire or move into other fields. The average salary is $45,560 and clerks typically need at least some college education.

Tanker truck driver

All truck driving positions are projected to experience average job growth through 2031. Truckers earn an average salary of $48,310 per year. Aspiring truck drivers need to attend a professional driving school and get a commercial driver’s license — and expect to spend a lot of time on the road.

Graphic design manager

Graphic design jobs are expected to continue growing as well. These jobs usually require a college degree and designers can expect to earn an average salary of $50,710. In a recession, companies may convert graphic design roles to freelance positions, which could increase the number of management roles.

Pastry chef

The job outlook for bakers is also growing, according to the BLS. There’s no formal training required, though some pastry chefs may attend culinary school. The average salary is $29,750.

Education coordinator

With an average salary of $51,790, education coordinators help design curriculums to teach people new skills. They aren’t just for schools either; education coordinators may work for other instructions like hospitals or large companies. The job generally requires a graduate degree and is projected to grow faster than average.

Auto damage estimator

This field is expected to experience above-average job growth, with an average salary of $62,680. Most estimator jobs require at least an associate’s degree in automotive repair.


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