Detroit brewery debuts Artificial Intelligence IPA, made by AI

DETROIT (NewsNation) — The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing by the day. It can write a poem, do your crossword puzzle and even finish a college essay.

And soon, you may even find it at happy hour.

A creative mind in Michigan wanted to brew up another kind of cold one, so he turned the technology loose on one of the world’s most famous bubbly beverages.

In Detroit, Atwater Brewery’s latest flavor is Artificial Intelligence IPA. And Atwater’s manager, Joe Platt, used an AI bot to write the entire recipe.

“I don’t think this is silly at all,” said Platt. “I think this is just giving us a taste of what this next generation of artificial intelligence is going to be able to do and touch everybody’s lives in really interesting ways.”

Not only did AI come up with the right blend of hops to balance the citrus and tropical flavors, but it scaled the recipe to 20 barrels to fit Atwater’s brew system.

Sultan Meghji, a professor at Duke University, said only a few years ago this kind of technology was being used to create new medicines.

“Now any of us can sit down with a laptop and create a new beer recipe, or maybe a new color of mascara or whatever,” he said. “The ability for people with such strong innovation and an entrepreneurial community can take these technologies and go to incredible places with them. It’s just around the corner.”


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