Google Maps will soon guide you through indoor malls, airports and more


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Google announced several new features coming to Google Maps. But the feature users are finding most fascinating is the one that allows you to use augmented reality to find your way indoors at large public places like malls, airports, stadiums and transit centers.

Live view for Google Maps first launched for Android and iPhone in 2019, but only worked outdoors. It uses arrows and other indicators to guide you to your location.

You can access the live view feature by searching for something in Google Maps on your phone.

“With indoor Google Maps, visitors can spend less time searching for building directories and more time discovering new points of interest. Simply zoom in and out of a building and go floor to floor with indoor maps,” according to Google’s website. 

The augmented reality feature will overlay those same digital guides to provide directions when you’re indoors. For example, if you’re inside an airport and need help to find your gate. You can search for what you’re looking for on Google Maps and the arrows will guide you.

Google plans to first roll out the feature in some malls in Chicago, New York, L.A. and Seattle.
In just a few months, it will also launch in airports, malls, and transit stations in Tokyo and Zurich.

Google’s other big map update includes information on the environment, including air quality information and an option to select the most eco-friendly route while driving.

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