Meta unveils generative AI models for music and audio

  • Meta's generative artificial intelligence tool is called AudioCraft
  • Meta says the technology aims to transform the creative landscape
  • Critics concerned about impact on the traditional artistic process

(NewsNation) — Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has taken a significant stride in the world of generative artificial intelligence with the unveiling of AudioCraft.

AudioCraft is a framework to generate what Meta describes as “high-quality,” “realistic” audio and music from short text descriptions, or prompts.

AudioCraft leverages the power of generative AI to compose, remix and produce music and audio content.

The technology aims to transform the creative landscape by providing innovative tools for artists and musicians to explore new dimensions in sound generation.

Despite the potential benefits of AudioCraft and AI-generated music, some have expressed concerns about the impact of AI on the traditional artistic process. Questions regarding originality, human authorship and artistic integrity have emerged as technology increasingly plays a role in creative endeavors.

In tandem with AudioCraft’s announcement, Meta made headlines by open-sourcing its models for generating sounds and music.

With Meta’s open-source approach, the field of AI-generated music and sound is poised for rapid expansion.


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