This high-tech kitty litter changes color based on your cat’s health


LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Pretty Litter isn’t your typical tech startup. The company makes a line of kitty litter with a high tech twist: special crystals that change color when your cat uses it to give you a quick idea of your pet’s health.

Daniel Rotman, founder and CEO of Pretty Litter, spoke with NewsNation affiliate KTLA. Rotman founded the company after his own cat, Gingi, passed away from a terminal illness.

“Pretty Litter is a health monitoring litter that gives you advance notice if something is going on with your cat’s health,” explained Rotman.

“The idea was, could I take the litter box, which comes in daily contact with the cat’s urine, and use that as an early detection mechanism to let us know that something may be going on with the cat,” explained Rotman.

Pretty Litter has no dust or odor and it’s lighter than typical litter. The color-changing properties indicate alkaline, acidity, typical and blood.

One big advantage to Pretty Litter is that you only need to scoop out the solid waste. One bag lasts an entire month.

Pretty Litter is a subscription service. It runs $22 a month for one cat and the company also makes food and toys.

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