‘Uber for manufacturing’ app connects workers with jobs

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (NewsNation) — A new match-making service is matching businesses with pre-vetted workers, and it’s changing the manufacturing and logistics marketplace one worker and company at a time.

It’s a phone app called Veryable that connects manufacturing and logistic companies in need of pre-vetted workers and skilled laborers in need of work.

After signing up and with the click of a button, workers can land temporary work at a factory based on their skill sets. They have the ability to make up to $400 a day, with the average worker making $200 per day, depending on their skill set or work performed.

“We have well over a million downloads and users across the country and at any given point we have 300,000 active operators across our 30 different markets in the U.S.,” said Patrick Dippel, Veryable VP of operations for the Midwest.

The app has grown more than 300% in the last year, and it’s changing the game when it comes to flexible on-demand labor. Some call it the Uber of manufacturing and right now, it’s working with more than 5,000 manufacturing and logistic businesses across the nation.

Conrad Tompkins used Veryable to land a temporary manufacturing job at Kendrick Plastics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “It’s flexible, it’s a good way to earn and I know a lot of these companies that are using them.”

Jennifer Johnson, president of Kendrick Plastics, said it’s bridging the gap during a very volatile supply and demand marketplace.

“It’s important for Kendrick that it’s flexible, because our production demand is also something that we can’t always rely on to be the same, day over day,” Johnson said.

Not only does Veryable help companies find workers, but it helps them find pre-approved workers who are rated at every job they take.

“There is a tool in the Veryable platform where the operator gets to say, ‘Hey, I worked at that vendor once I really liked it; I’d like to come back.’ Then, on Kendrick’s side, we can say, ‘Hey, that operator did a really good job; we’d like them to come back.’ It’s called their labor pool,” Johnson explained.

Tompkins is in Kendrick Plastics’ labor pool; something he’s happy about because he said he’s got a big event coming up.

“My daughter’s birthday is coming up next month; I’m going to use this to buy her birthday present,” Tompkins said.

Not only are workers able to make extra money during the month, but they get their money 24 hours after their day of work, paid through Veryable.


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