Walmart to add transportation, pickup fee to suppliers


(NewsNation) — Retail giant Walmart has warned its suppliers it will be adding extra fuel and pickup fees next month in an effort to offset mounting transportation costs.

Walmart, which reported raking in $559.2 billion in revenue last year, has told some of its suppliers they will have to pay an extra fee to Walmart for the company to transport goods to their warehouses and stores.

Walmart believes adding a “collect pickup fee,” which will be calculated as a percentage of the products taken in, and a fuel surcharge will help keep prices consistent for consumers as rising gas prices and inflation take a toll on the economy.

Walmart has paid more than $160 million in unexpected fuel costs this year.

It remains unseen however, how this additional fee will impact consumers. NewsNation reached out to Walmart and some of its largest suppliers, including Tyson Foods, Budweiser, Hasbro, Mattel, John Deere, General Mills and others, for an answer to this question and received no response.

Walmart’s largest competitor Amazon, which reported $469.2 billion in revenue in 2021, added a similar transportation fee in April.

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