Why more employees are quitting their jobs


(NewsNation) — “The Great Resignation” is the term being used for the large number of employees who are quitting their jobs for new opportunities in different industries, or even to start their own businesses.

NewsNation business contributor Lydia Moynihan explained that, “It’s been a wildly hot labor market,” and there’s a belief that people are leaving their current jobs for new positions for more pay. However, Moynihan said that the abundance of opportunities available have given people the chance to leave toxic workplace cultures.

Moynihan referenced a new report out that suggests that the main reason people are leaving their jobs is to escape toxic workplace environments in which they are not appreciated.

“This report noted a lot of place still have sexism, you know, racism — all the kinds of things that people don’t want to have to be a part of,” Moynihan said. “Now, people have the flexibility to find something where they feel nurtured and are paid more.”

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