Will travel industry shortages impact your post-pandemic vacation?


ATLANTA (NewsNation Now) — American travel is speeding toward a comeback with nearly 2 million passengers going through TSA screening on Sunday alone.

“We’re super excited to be back traveling,” said one traveler to NewsNation affiliate KTVI.

The rapid increase in people hitting the road hasn’t been completely smooth sailing.

“There’s a staffing shortage throughout the entire travel industry,” said Travel expert Peter Greenburg. “The airports, the TSA, is terribly understaffed, they are wanting to hire 6,000 new agents.”

Those shortages are also impacting travelers once they get to their destination.

“I was at a hotel. Two weeks ago, where there was absolutely nobody in housekeeping,” said Greenburg.

He added about rental cars, “It’s the law of supply and demand, just not enough cars around, and the average car rental prices now are astronomical. You know as much as $400, a day in some places.”

Some businesses are asking for volunteers to fill the employment gaps.

Last month, Delta asked its employees to help with the loyalty lounges at Atlanta’s airport. American Airlines wants their non-union workers to take unpaid volunteer shifts at the DFW airport.

“It’s one thing to say we’re operating at 100% capacity that’s to be able to operate for passengers or guests, but if you don’t have a staff that’s not a good experience for anybody,” said Greenburg.

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