Worker burnout hits pandemic-era high

(NewsNation) — A new study found worker burnout is reaching pandemic-era levels, with 41 percent of workers in the U.S. saying they’re feeling stressed out at work.

The study from the Future Forum examined burnout among workers around the globe, and found that flexibility at work was a major factor in worker satisfaction and stress levels.

That represents a conflict between employers and employees, with bosses viewing more flexible work arrangements as a negative thing, while employees want to expand options like remote work.

The study found more than half of workers with remote or hybrid work arrangements were 57 percent more likely to say they’ve seen an improvement in company culture over recent years. Eighty-one percent of desk workers said they wanted flexibility on where they work.

Among workers dissatisfied with their work arrangement, the only factor that ranked higher than flexibility was compensation.

The survey also found different motivations among those who do want to return to the office. Among executives, the main reason to return to in-person work was getting face time with management.

Workers, however, ranked collaboration and camaraderie as the main reasons to return to their desks.


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