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Americans across country finding ways to cope with inflation

(NewsNation) — Most Americans are feeling the pain of inflation, as just last month consumer prices rose nearly 9% from a year ago, with surging prices for gas, shelter and food being the biggest contributors.

Now, everyday people are forced to make tough decisions and protect their pocketbooks. Like Holly Larson, who’s cutting out any unnecessary driving.

“I don’t do anything after work! Like once a week, I go hang out with friends and that’s it. I can’t afford to go anywhere else,” she said on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” Wednesday. “So right now, since it’s the summer, lights stay off until it’s completely dark.”

Chris, who is an Oklahoma resident, has been on the same wave. He and his wife have buckled down on finances, limiting electricity use, restaurant outings and nonessential purchases.

“Even usage of the cars and vehicles, if it’s less than 10 miles, we kind of figure, Hey, ride a bike to the store! Or if your friends are close by, walk or carpool,” he said.

Experts over at gave the following top three tips for recession savings.

  • Build an emergency fund that, if necessary, could cover three to six months of living expenses.
  • Figure out your monthly budget and stick to it one day at a time.
  • And equip yourself with tracking tools … whether physical or online spreadsheets, or finance apps that help you stay the course.

Experts also suggest combing through your bank statements and trimming the fat by canceling recurring subscription payments, continuing to invest, if possible, and looking for alternate ways to make money.

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