Americans cut back as meat prices rise ahead of the holidays

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(NewsNation Now) — The price of meat is up across the board since a year ago, and Americans are cutting back on holiday entrees because of the rising costs.

Beef and pork prices jumped 6.5% to 7,5% and poultry prices are up 3.5% to 4.5%, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

The latest consumer price index shows the price of wholesale beef climbed 14% in price from July to August, with more increases projected by the end of the year.

“Beef has definitely gone up the most,” Frank Giardina, butcher at Devon Avenue Meats in Chicago said during an appearance on “Morning in America”. “We’ve definitely seen more people buy poultry over beef, just to compensate for getting more for your money.”

“Although when people do buy beef, they do understand they’re getting something better and they want to definitely know what they’re getting is a good quality,” he said.

Fresh turkey is averaging $1.44 per pound and frozen turkeys are averaging $1.35 per pound, but the supply of turkey is down 6% from this same time last year.

At the heart of the problem are the same logistical challenges facing many industries as the world recovers from the pandemic. Labor shortages abound, supply is unable to meet demand and even getting products from place to place is a challenge.

If you are going the traditional route and still want some turkey on the plate for your holiday dinner, Giardina says consider purchasing a turkey breast or another smaller, cheaper option.

“A lot of people switch gears and go straight to a capon, you know go to a larger chicken that’s going to feed four or five or six people,” Giardina said.

Watch the full interview below for more tips on keeping the cost of your holiday meal down:

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