Holiday tipping: Who and how much?

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(NewsNation) — ‘Tis the season to be generous, especially to those who help you throughout the year. We’re talking about end-of-year tips.

For some tipping can be uncomfortable. For those who are left wondering who to give and how much. There are a few guidelines to follow that make tipping less confusing.

Tipping can be broken down into three categories: Those who help you with your dependents, those who give personal services and those who help maintain your home.

When in doubt, be more generous than less. Those who are on the receiving end are often working hard to make ends meet.

A new survey finds more people plan to tip this year than compared to last year. But with inflation, they may give a little less.

But who to tip?

Kelly Greer gives cash gifts to her mail carrier, nail salon technicians, and many others.

“The garbage carrier, the mail carrier, pretty much anyone who, you know my nail salon tech, anyone who services me and helps me out throughout the year,” she said.

You are supposed to tip those who’ve provided you a service throughout the year, from the garbage man to the lawncare team to a healthcare or childcare provider or a cleaning person.

When it comes to how much, ask yourself how often do they provide a service and how long have I had this relationship.

For example, if you have a cleaning person once a week, give the equivalent to an extra day’s pay; for a nail tech, the price of a session.

Cash is king in these cases.

“I think it has a lot to do with inflation. People want a tip,” said Ted Rossman with “They want to show this appreciation, but they may not have as much money to go around.”

Whatever amount you give, include a handwritten note of thanks. If you can’t afford cash this year, a gift is ok and you are encouraged to have your kids add a homemade gift if it is someone who interacts with them.

Know that not everyone can accept a tip.

“Like the Postal Service, for example, they frown upon cash tips,” Rossman said. “They’re okay with gifts worth $20 or less per occasion. They’re okay with gifts worth $20 or less per occasion. A gift card seems okay.”

Also, make sure to know who not to tip.

Don’t tip doctors, dentists, plumbers or electricians. A gift or card of thanks works in these cases instead.

Experts say to make sure you work within your own budget and what you can reasonably afford.

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