Inflation sends breakfast prices soaring

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(NewsNation) — When economist talk about inflation, they usually talk about it in percentages — but when everyday consumers are trying to make every dollar count, they really want to know how much more it’s going to cost them to put food on the table.

The USDA released new data Wednesday that shows just how much inflation is impacting your breakfast.

Here’s a look at the increase in cost of some of the most popular breakfast items over the past year:

Eggs (per dozen)

April 2021: $1.62

March 2022: $2.05

April 2022: $2.52

Milk (per gallon)

April 2021: $3.45

March 2022: $3.92

April 2022: $4

Bacon (per lb)

April 2021: $6.22

March 2022: $7.20

April 2022: $7.42

Eggs, milk and bacon are basic items, and even if you’re a thrifty consumer, you can’t avoid the toll inflation is taking. Your options are to either increase your budget or cut back on goods, especially since no one knows how long this will last or how high prices will go.

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