Rising fuel prices leading to concerns of gas thievery

(NewsNation) —While some people make small lifestyle changes to deal with skyrocketing gas prices, others are taking a more drastic— and illegal— approach.

Nationwide, concern is growing about an increase in gas thievery as fuel prices rise.

Stacy Houston, the owner of a Las Vegas biohazard cleanup company, showed up to work this week only to find someone opened the gas doors of five trucks in her fleet and drilled holes to drain all the fuel out of them.

“One of them is a 14-foot box truck that’s like 200 dollars worth of gas,” Houston said. “I understand people are hurting, but we are all in the same position. We are all paying the same for gas.”

In Atlanta, police arrested a man accused of drilling holes underneath cars to steal gas directly from fuel tanks.

This resulted in hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra costs to victims for gas tank repairs, according to a news release.

Officers recognized the suspect from “Be on the Lookout” notifications Atlanta Police Department investigators previously sent within the agency and to the public.

The man accused of stealing gas, identified as Matthew Reznick, was charged with multiple counts of entering autos and criminal damage to property, as well as driving on a suspended license.

Motorist Christopher Morocco said it’s a little frightening to hear about thefts like these.

“I guess you just have to be aware,” said Morocco, who added he’s spending about $100 every time he fills up his car, added.

Law enforcement officials urge people to park in a garage or well-lit area if they can to avoid theft.

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