Prices for Super Bowl snack staples drop ahead of big game

(NewsNation) — Food items such as chicken, eggs and avocados that have recently soared in cost due to inflation and supply chain woes are finally getting cheaper.

According to a Super Bowl report by Wells Fargo’s chief agricultural economist, the price of chicken wings dropped 22% from last January. And avocados are down 20%. But some other classic big-game staples such as beer and potato chips are hovering around the same levels as last year.

Monica Cole, Wells Fargo’s head of agribusiness, food and hospitality, said on “Morning in America” that the great news is that they have finally figured out the supply chain disruption issue that was causing such high costs.

“I think the real answer is that the producers have just done a great job of getting product to retail,” Cole said. “And because we can transport now, we can get more avocados into the U.S. than what we did. It’s just a great time to get out and buy in bulk and enjoy the Super Bowl.”

Cole explained that while there is a little movement with some of the main staples, the cost of beer is probably going to be up by somewhere in the 11% range, with wine and spirits continuing at 4% and 2%.

However, Wells Fargo reported that the biggest cost increase comes from soft drinks, which have seen a shocking 25% increase.

“But the main staples, the things that we love, which is your chicken wings, your guacamole, are going to be incredibly reasonably priced coming into the Super Bowl,” Cole said.

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