Why your holiday cookout will be more expensive this year

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(NewsNation) —That annual Fourth of July cookout is going to be a little more expensive this year, and you can thank persistent inflation and the war in Ukraine for that big bill at the grocery store.

The average price of a cookout for 10 people will be around $70 dollars this year, according to a survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation. That is up 17% from 2021 and it’s about $10 more expensive to host that cookout this year than it was two years ago.

“Unfortunately, being a grill master for Fourth of July this year is going to be pretty expensive,” said Kristin Myers, editor-in-chief of The Balance.

Myers said the typical meat staples of a Fourth of July cookout are going to be where many grillers see prices on the rise.

“Chicken wings are going to be the most expensive item on your grocery list, just slapping that on the grill is going to cost you 54% more this year than it was last year,” Myers said. “And unfortunately, a lot of other really popular meats — thinking hamburgers, hot dogs, for example, steaks — they’re all going to be 10% or more expensive this year than it was last year.”

Not all meat has grown in price, however. Myers noted ribs have declined 2% in price, offering a bang-for-your-buck alternative on the grill.

Propane tanks and fireworks, however, also both jumped over 25% in price since last year.

Those hosting cookouts this year have tried to get creative with their offerings to circumvent the price hikes.

“This year, I wanted to do large protein that was cheaper, so I’ve got some turkey breasts here,” said cookout host Zach Foster. “I wanted to do some cheaper cuts, stuff like beef cheek, which is less sought after and cheaper because prices have gone through the roof recently.”

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