Attorney: Buster Murdaugh deserves to be free from harassment

  • Murdaugh calls reports “baseless rumors” tying him to Stephen Smith’s death
  • Attorney Mandy Powers Norrell weighs in on the case
  • Stephen Smith was killed by a vehicle when he was 19 years old

(NewsNation) — Attorney Mandy Powers Norrell backed up Richard “Buster” Murdaugh’s statement that his involvement in the death of a teenager killed in his hometown is “just a rumor” at this point.

Buster Murdaugh, 26, the surviving son of disgraced South Carolina attorney and convicted murderer Alex Murduagh, has denied what he calls “baseless rumors” regarding his involvement in the death of a teenager killed in his hometown.

Buster has not been connected with the July 2015 death of Stephen Smith, who was 19 when his body was found in the middle of rural road in Hampton County, South Carolina. Smith’s body was found a few miles from the Murdaugh family’s property, the New York Post reported. At the time, investigators said it appeared Smith was hit by a vehicle while standing outside his car that had run out of gas.

“If they were more than rumors, Buster would have been charged in the death of Stephen Smith,” Norrell said during an appearance on “NewsNation: Rush Hour.” “I think a lot of people are having trouble holding two truths at the same time. Buster is a victim of murder. The murder of his brother and his mother. He deserves justice, privacy and to be free from harassment. Sandy Smith is the victim of an unsolved murder of her son. She deserves justice, privacy and to be free from harassment. Both are true. And one does not negate the other.”

According to Sandy Smith’s GoFundMe, an independent autopsy would be about $7,000. She said a private medical examiner would have to be present from the time the exhumation started and throughout the entire examination process. This, she said, would cost about $750 per hour.

Smith’s GoFundMe page said her family is grateful to the people who came together “to help us in our fight for justice for Stephen.”

“Sandy Smith has waited far too long to get answers. Hopefully with the exemption of his body, she can at least find out how he died,” Norrell added.

Norrell also said that whoever has information regarding the death of Smith “better get to law enforcement,” noting that, “The first one tell their story, is probably gonna be the one who gets the deal.”


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