Biden commutes sentences for 31 nonviolent drug offenders

  • President Joe Biden commuted sentences of 31 convicted of drug offenses
  • Most offenders will still serve home confinement or have supervised release
  • The move is part of a larger effort toward rehabilitation for those incarcerated

(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden has granted clemency to 31 people convicted of drug offenses, including those related to methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana dealing.

The move is part of a larger effort from the administration to support rehabilitation for those previously in prison. All 31 of those granted clemency committed nonviolent drug offenses. Many of the cases were sentenced under past laws that gave harsher punishment for drug offenses than laws currently on the books.

Of those granted clemency, 19 were methamphetamine dealers, eight were cocaine dealers, three were marijuana dealers, and two were heroin dealers. One of the cocaine dealers also had a firearms charge.

Samuel Gemple of Indiana, Rogelio Murillo of Florida and Ricky Lee Newton of Michigan were all convicted of marijuana-related offenses. While marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, many states, including Michigan, have legalized weed. Florida has legalized medical marijuana and Indiana has only legalized medical use of CBD products. States with legalized marijuana have strict laws surrounding how the drug can be sold.

Most of the commuted sentences included terms for home confinement, while also leaving intact fines and terms of supervised release following confinement.


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