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Capitol Police had access to Pelosi security footage

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(NewsNation) — Media reports indicate Capitol Police had footage from security cameras at the Pelosi house, but nobody was monitoring it during the attack on Paul Pelosi.

Capitol Police are tasked with protecting members of Congress. Threats against lawmakers increased tenfold between 2016 and 2021, and the force has limited resources to protect the 535 members.

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been home, officers would have been stationed there to protect her. Her husband does not get security when she is traveling.

Former Capitol Police officer Matthew Doherty said it wasn’t surprising that nobody was watching the footage.

“What struck me as soon as that incident happened, was where was the integration of the alarm system and cameras, with local authorities, the alarm company and Capitol Police?” he said.

Police didn’t respond to the attack — which left Paul Pelosi in the ICU with a fractured skull — until after he called 911.

Although they are charged with protecting more than 500 individuals, all of whom travel frequently, Capitol Police had a budget of just $602 million for 2022, 4.5 times smaller than that of the Secret Service.

Court papers say Pelosi attacker David DePape had a list of targets with him that included a local professor as well as state and federal lawmakers. Court filings allege DePape was on a “suicide mission” to confront Rep. Pelosi about what he called the lies of the Democratic Party and “break her kneecaps.”


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