Casey White is a ‘master manipulator’: Former sheriff

  • Casey White pleaded guilty to his infamous prison escape in April 2022
  • The former sheriff on the case says he manipulated Vicky White to help him
  • He is expected to receive a life sentence

(NewsNation) — Casey White, the inmate who famously escaped from an Alabama jail with the help of corrections officer Vicky White, pleaded guilty to escape but will not be tried in Vicky White’s death.

“As far as manipulation, he not only manipulated Vicky White, but he manipulated the system. So you know, who knows what next move he might have,” said Rick Singleton, former sheriff of Lauderdale County.

Singleton was the Sheriff in Lauderdale County, Alabama, in April of last year when the escape and subsequent manhunt occurred. He joined “NewsNation Now” to discuss the case.

According to the Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Office, Casey pleaded guilty to first-degree escape in exchange for not being prosecuted for murder in Vicky’s case.

“Casey White is a master manipulator. He most certainly manipulated Vicky White,” Singleton said. “Vicky White was a model employee for 17 years. She bought into his manipulation, hook, line and sinker. I think Vicky White had genuine affection for Casey, why? Why else in the world would anyone risk everything they worked for.”

Casey White’s sentencing is on June 8. He is expected to receive a life sentence.


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