Delphi suspect printed victims’ funeral photos, family says

(NewsNation) — The grandmother of Libby German said the man arrested and accused of killing her granddaughter and her friend Abby Williams worked at CVS and had printed photos for the girls’ funerals.

The girl’s families received news that confirmed the alleged killer, 50-year-old Delphi man Richard Allen, was officially charged with murder in connection with the teens’ deaths on Monday.

But since then, Libby’s family said they actually recognize Allen from somewhere else.

Libby’s grandmother Becky Patty said they believe he was working at their local CVS when they had the girls’ funeral photos printed and that Allen didn’t charge them for the photos.

“All (my daughter) remembers is that she had sent some photos up there to be developed,” she said. “And then she was picking out some more and he’s the one that gave them to her and then said, ‘You don’t have to pay for those. We’ll take care of that.’”

CVS confirmed that Allen was an employee at its Delphi store and state records show he was a licensed pharmacy technician.

Allen is currently in custody at the White County Jail and is being held without bond. He entered a not-guilty plea during an initial hearing Friday. State police said he was arrested on Wednesday when he was taken into custody at ISP’s Lafayette post.

Allen’s home was searched last week, with investigators digging up his firepit and towing a vehicle. They have not shared what evidence – if any – was found.

Although it is unclear how long he may have been on law enforcement’s radar, Allen has never been named publicly as a figure in the Delphi investigation.

NewsNation affiliate WXIN contributed to this report.


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