Expert: ‘System worked’ to detect explosive in checked suitcase

(NewsNation) — A man was arrested after an explosive was found in a bag checked onto a Florida-bound flight at an eastern Pennsylvania airport, according to federal authorities.

Charles Marino, Former Department of Homeland Security adviser and founder and CEO of Sentinel Security Solutions, weighed in on the arrest during an appearance on NewsNation’s “Prime.”

“Everybody plays a role in airport security, even all the way down to those loading the bags onto the plane,” Marino said.

Marino said the airport’s security systems worked as they should have.

“The TSOs, transportation security officers, did their job. The security screening technology that checks the bags did exactly what it was created to do,” he said. “So the system worked here.”

Marino said the technology is in place to detect future incidents.

“The technology is very good,” he said. “The transportation security officers are well trained and dedicated. They’re consistently trained on these types of scenarios. They’re tested on these scenarios and devices, and they performed as they should have.”

Watch the full interview in the video player at the top of the page.


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