Grimes sisters killings: Infamous Chicago cold case revived


(NewsNation) — A half-hour true crime special airing on Chicago’s NewsNation affiliate WGN-TV revives one of Chicago’s oldest and most infamous cold cases.

The case of the Grimes sisters is an unsolved double homicide that occurred on Dec. 28, 1956.

Two sisters, Barbara, 15, and Patricia Grimes, 12, disappeared on their way home from a neighborhood movie theater. They were later found dead.

WGN-TV’s Larry Potash, host of “Innocence Lost: The Grimes Sisters Murders,” discussed new leads and information on the unsolved killings that changed Chicago forever on NewsNation’s “Live.”

“It just haunted a lot of people,” Potash said about the cold case that has gone unsolved for more than 60 years. “One of the investigators looking into this was just a guy who grew up in the neighborhood. He was a little kid at the time. And he devoted his life to looking into the clues.”

The investigator is retired Chicago police detective James Hennigan, who was dedicated to solving the case, seeking closure for the family and for the community.

“Most murders don’t get solved,” Potash said. “They rounded up hundreds and hundreds of people to talk to and there were many suspects.”

Hennigan believed he discovered critical clues that could help close the case.

“It’s an open investigation,” Potash said. “And the sheriff’s department will tell you that they have a lot to do on their plate and things like cold cases are certainly not a top priority.”

Police zeroed in on a suspect, only to determine the evidence was weak.

Since then, the trail has gone cold.

“Will they exhume these bodies? That remains to be seen.” Potash said. “But that’s certainly something we’ll be following up on.”

The special premieres on Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. CT on WGN-TV, the WGN9+ app on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV and online at An encore presentation will be aired on Nov. 20 at 4:30 p.m. CT on all WGN-TV platforms.

Watch the complete interview with Larry Potash in the video player at the top of the page.

WGN-TV contributed to this report.

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