Banfield reacts to police naming suspect in Idaho killing

Idaho College Killings

(NewsNation) —  Time starts. The clock starts when you make that arrest and you actually make the charge. It may be why they were waiting when they had them in their sights — so that they could get as much evidence procured before they actually went ahead with the process, because we all have a constitutional right to a speedy trial.

That means the clock begins ticking now as soon as that indictment goes through. So that’s why these extradition hearings will be important to get underway as soon as possible.

There are cases like JonBenet Ramsey, where there was bungling going on. And, so, public officials —  our police, our prosecutors, our investigators, our public officials — are publicly paid by us and we want to make sure that they’re accountable to us and the media oftentimes holds them to the standard to which they they must operate.

And so in certain cases, like JonBenet, that scrutiny was critical and it did unveil a lot of very messy procedures that happened at the beginning of that case and the investigation in the first 24 hours. People traipse all through JonBenet Ramsey’s house, spoiling evidence and spoiling the collection process and spoiling the prosecution, if there is ever going to be one.

In this particular case, as days and days went on, some of the state media that was released by this police agency became very, very stressful and frustrating for media outlets that aren’t used to getting state media releases. They’re used to being able to have one-on-ones, and then question and hold investigators accountable.

Tomorrow marks seven weeks since those murders occurred, and it’s excruciating for those families to undergo so much confusion and obfuscation when it comes to information. It’s also difficult for people who know crime reporting and know what they’re used to in terms of the standards of information. This was a very tight-lipped investigation.

So it’s a real relief there’s that there is an arrest and once we get any of the details, perhaps that will assuage many people’s concern about why they have picked up this particular person on the other side of the country.

They will likely give us something to tell us why, but don’t expect a narrative; Don’t expect the play-by-play on what happened in that house; Don’t expect what entrance was used; Don’t expect what room came first; Don’t expect which person was targeted.

I think that will be stuff that will will continue to be held close to the vest because that’s the stuff only the killer would know.

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