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Coffindaffer: ID from Idaho killings found in glove inside box

  • Bryan Kohberger is accused of killing four Idaho college students last year
  • A former agent says an ID was found during one of Kohberger’s home searches
  • The agent says the ID was concealed in a glove inside of a box

(NewsNation) — An ID linked to the Idaho college killings case was found during one of the searches of Bryan Kohberger’s home, NewsNation has learned.

During an appearance on “NewsNation Prime” Sunday evening, former FBI agent and NewsNation contributor Jennifer Coffindaffer said the ID was found concealed in a glove inside of a box.

“We know the ID was supposedly found in a box in the house inside a glove at his parents’ home, which is very interesting because it would seem as if he was keeping it a secret or hiding the IDs that were listed,” Coffindaffer said. “There is no explanation. Honestly, there is nothing to explain how or why he would have this ID with him unless he was involved.”

Coffindaffer said it is not clear which ID was taken and she’s not certain it belonged to a victim. She also noted that most people don’t keep IDs hidden in gloves.

“When we found this information and it was revealed to us from the source, the first question is, is there an inventory of it on the search warrant return? And if you go to the search warrant return, sure enough there are these IDs that were concealed in a glove in a box,” Coffindaffer said. “Now this is just unusual. Most people don’t keep IDs hidden in this fashion. So to me, it was something that certainly corroborated the source information and seemed suspect from the beginning.”

So far in the case, Coffindaffer believes the ID will only add to the strong evidence in the prosecution’s argument.

“If indeed he had that ID in that glove, this is smoking. There is no reason to explain it other than he was in that house and took that during the commission of that crime,” Coffindaffer said.

Kohberger, 28, is accused of fatally stabbing Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin last November in a Moscow, Idaho, home near the University of Idaho’s campus. A preliminary hearing for Kohberger is scheduled for June 26.

Idaho College Killings

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