Criminal defense lawyer discusses suspected Idaho killer’s case

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(NewsNation) — After alleged Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger, 28, waived extradition and told a judge he is not on any medication that would impact his decision-making, he is expected to be sent to Idaho within 10 days.

William Young, a criminal defense attorney in Idaho, joined NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” Tuesday to break down what the next legal steps will look like, including the suspected killer’s logic in waiving the extradition.

According to Young, there will be an initial appearance in Latah County, Idaho, where Kohberger will be charged in front of a magistrate judge.

At that point, according to Young, the judge will explain the nature of the charges against Kohberger, the issue of bail — if that’s a possibility — and, possibly, address the issue of counsel: whether he’s going to proceed with a public defender, as he currently is represented, or if he is going to hire private counsel.

As for Young’s approach if he were the lawyer defending Kohberger, he told “Rush Hour” it’s a matter of gathering the facts.

“As we’re all aware, this has been an extensive investigation in the case and there’s going to be numerous reports, video, audio witness interviews,” Young said. “All that needs to be gathered and reviewed by his counsel before any decisions can be made in the case. And so that’s the biggest hurdle to get over and it’s going to take hours and hours of work.”

Watch the entire interview above.

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