Death row inmate speculates Idaho killer waited inside house

Idaho College Killings

(NewsNation) — Speaking on a podcast hosted by law enforcement specialist Kenneth Mains, a convicted death row inmate serving time in San Quentin, California, offered speculation about the gruesome murders in Moscow, Idaho.

William Noguera, who has spent more than 30 years on death row, told Mains he believes the Idaho killer may have been waiting inside the house where the four murders occurred.

“I believe that the killer was inside the house already,” he said. “I believe that the person was already in the house when the kids arrived.”

Former FBI agent Tracey Walder offered her thoughts on this speculation during an appearance on “NewsNation Prime.”

“What I do think is interesting and what I do think lends a lot of credibility and interest to this perspective is the fact that he is a criminal and he is inside the mind of a criminal. A lot of times, you know, we rely on profilers and things of that nature who are necessarily of deviant mind and involved in these kinds of activities,” she said. “And so I do think that his theory has merit. But obviously, I certainly cannot say whether it’s fully credible or not.”

Walder also offered her thoughts on reports that a police officer’s body camera picked up a high-pitched noise on the night of the murder.

“You know, I think anything that’s going around in that vicinity that’s on any of those cameras that we’re hearing or seeing will be relevant,” she said, adding that the noise may have been tires speeding away.

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