Ex-FBI agent: Why Idaho stabbing suspect’s transfer is special

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(NewsNation) — Following the alleged killer Bryan Kohberger, 28, appearing in court and waiving extradition Tuesday, former CIA officer and FBI special agent Tracy Walder made an appearance on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” to explain why his transfer is a special case.

Kohberger was brought into the courthouse just a couple of hours before his hearing to plead to whether or not he was going to waive his extradition.

According to Walder, it’s because of gravity of the case at hand.

“Whenever you’re dealing with a transfer of this nature, you have to bring them there a few hours before,” Walder said. “Typically prisoners, when they’re making that initial appearance, they bring them in groups. A transfer like that happens first thing in the morning, and then you just sort of need to wait it out really until it’s your turn.”

When it comes to law enforcement ensuring the transfer is smooth, Walder says pop culture perceptions don’t apply in real life.

“The U.S. Marshals, they are the best of the best. This is what they do all day, every day,” Walder said. “I would imagine, just to ensure safety of him and everyone else, this will take place at probably an odd hour and probably via air. I would imagine that transporting him via vehicle will perhaps be a bit risky, and also could kind of create a circus.”

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