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Expert: ‘No reason’ to doubt assertion Idaho attack targeted

(NewsNation) — Police in Moscow, Idaho, have consistently maintained that the fatal stabbing of four University of Idaho students was a targeted attack.

Danielle Slakoff, assistant professor of criminal justice at California State University, Sacramento, said there’s “no reason to question” that assessment, based on information contained in the probable cause affidavit.

In it, police say cellphone records put suspect Bryan Kohberger near the house where the four students were killed at least 12 times prior to the stabbings that occurred Nov. 13.

“I anticipate that as we speak, law enforcement is diligently working to further shore up where that cellphone was and where they believe the suspect was at the time and will likely be trying to prove that he was scoping out the area,” Slakoff said Monday on “Rush Hour.”

Watch her interview above.

Idaho College Killings

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