Idaho killings: Police remain tight-lipped in Monday briefing

(NewsNation) — The Moscow Police Department in Idaho is seeking more information on the occupants of a white car they believe was near the house where four students were killed last month.

Police Captain Roger Lanier said the person or people in the car — described as a 2011 to 2013 white Hyundai Elantra with an unknown license plate number — may not realize they have information that could help the investigation. Officials urged them to come forward even if they didn’t think they have anything to add.

Law enforcement officials spent the past week sorting through the flood of tips and video footage from around Moscow as investigations continue.

Lanier said Monday that there was no indication of a specific, relevant risk to the community but urged people to stay vigilant, walk on lit paths, be aware of their surroundings and to let people know when they expect to be home and when they’ve arrived.

The police captain stressed that analysts were sifting through a massive volume of information in the case, with teams in Moscow, Salt Lake City, Utah and in Virginia.

Lanier said the police do have a lot of information on the case, but they are not releasing all of it to the public out of respect for the victims and their families. He stressed the need for a thorough investigation, noting that the goal is not just an arrest but ultimately a conviction.

Watch the full briefing from Lanier below:

It has been nearly one month since the brutal killings, and investigators continue to search for leads.

As police continue to search for a suspect, the community desperately waits for answers and is living in fear since the killer remains on the loose and could possibly still be on the Idaho campus.

Neighbors no longer want to comment on the case and locals wonder why a full month hasn’t yielded more answers.

One former FBI special agent believes the suspect is someone familiar with the property.

“I actually think that it’s highly possible that he has integrated himself back into the community,” said former FBI special agent Tracy Walder. “I am going to say ‘he’ because my gut tells me that it is a male, what this person tells me is that yes, he is very much a cold-hearted killer.”

Police have yet to name any suspects or persons of interest publicly.

Police have been tight-lipped since the crime occurred and speculation was rampant. Online sleuths continue to raise questions about a student who interacted with two of the victims at a food truck and the roommates who slept through the killings.

Online threats have police considering criminal charges against those crossing the line. Lanier stressed the need for people to rely on official sources of information rather than speculation and rumor.

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