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What Bryan Kohberger’s life in jail looks like

  • Bryan Kohberger has been under maximum security for nearly three months
  • Sources tell NewsNation he has no contact with the other inmates
  • Kohberger has his own TV, positioned outside the bars of his cell

(NewsNation) — It has been roughly three months since Bryan Kohberger, the 28-year-old accused of killing four University of Idaho students, was locked up. This is what NewsNation knows about his life in jail so far.

Kohberger is being held in a maximum security cell at Latah County Jail in Moscow, Idaho. The jail is only around 2,000 square feet with roughly 19 inmates, give or take.

He does not have contact with any of the other inmates because he is in protective custody. Though the rest of the inmates are permitted to talk among themselves, Kohberger is entirely isolated.

Kohberger is losing weight, sources tell NewsNation. In his three months in jail he has reportedly lost a significant amount of weight. It is unclear whether this is due to his vegan diet, not liking the food or a desire to lose weight.

He has also attended Mass on multiple occasions. Kohberger is permitted to do so in the jail’s multipurpose room, also known as the library, and is his only form of human contact. Though he is not allowed to make contact with the other inmates, it is the only time he gets to sit with them in the same room.

Other than attending Mass, Kohberger spends a lot of time sleeping, according to NewsNation’s source. He is allowed outside for an hour every day and also has access to his own television.

Kohberger’s television is positioned outside the bars of his cell, so he watches through the bars. However, he does have the remote to control it. Sources tell NewsNation he also has a tablet with an app that allows him to watch older movies for five cents a minute. It is unclear if he has money, where it may be coming from or whether he is even spending it, but he does have access.

The pull-up and push-up bars that were previously located in the library as part of the gym facilities have been taken out. It is unclear why they were removed.

Furthermore, a source tells NewsNation that Kohberger walks around the jail smiling a lot, saying it is as though he has “not a care in the world.”

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