Las Vegas police looking for passenger who filmed hit-and-run

  • Video circulated on social media shows an apparent hit-and-run by a teen
  • The driver was charged with murder; police are looking for the passenger
  • Expert: Passenger could be charged because he can be heard 'encouraging'

(NewsNation) — Las Vegas police are working to identify the passenger who filmed and posted a video of an apparent hit-and-run that killed a former police chief.

Police say a video posted and circulated on social media shows a 17-year-old deliberately hitting Andreas Probst, 64, while Probst was riding his bike on August 14. The driver was arrested shortly after, but police are still looking for information on the passenger.

The allegedly stolen vehicle can be seen intentionally swerving into the bike lane in the video posted on social media. The driver initially slowed down and honked before appearing to speed up and drive over Probst.

The engine can be heard revving in the video as the driver and passenger laugh and drive away.

Police say they are looking for tips to help identify the passenger, who can be heard laughing, probing and encouraging the driver in the video.

The driver was charged with murder and is being held in a juvenile detention center. The District Attorney’s Office is seeking to charge the teen as an adult, according to NewsNation affiliate KLAS.

Former FBI agent and law and justice contributor Jennifer Coffindaffer tells NewsNation the passenger may also face charges.

“Look, he can be heard on that tape. He’s definitely encouraging if not enticing. Nevada does have a solicitation statute. But can it be really used in this situation? Usually, that’s when you’re enticing somebody to commit a crime for you. Could that be taken this broadly? I think it’s possible,” Coffindaffer said.

Probst served for 35 years in Bell, California, before entering the private sector. His daughter told the media she drove to the scene shortly after the incident because she got an alert on her phone around 6 a.m. from her father’s Apple Watch, saying he may have been involved in a fall.


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