McDonald’s teen dials 911 during robbery, mom answers


(NewsNation) — While working her shift at a New Orleans McDonald’s, 16-year-old Tenia Hill and her coworkers were forced into a freezer when an armed woman burst into the restaurant.

Tenia immediately dialed 911 and heard a familiar voice on the other side of the line.

Her mother Teri Clark, a 911 dispatcher, was working an extra shift that night and answered the call.

Tenia explained that there were five of them working when the robbery took place and they were forced into the freezer.

“At the moment that she asked us to get on the ground, me and one of my coworkers, we looked at each other as if it was a joke,” Tenia said.

But it wasn’t a joke. Tenia explained that the moment the woman pulled out a gun, she felt a sudden flash of fear.

“In that moment, I felt more fear than I have ever felt a day in my life. Like, I was scared that she was going to use it,” she said.

Before they were forced into the freezer, Tenia explained she slipped her phone in her pocket so she could dial 911 in the freezer.

To Tenia’s surprise, her mother, who wasn’t supposed to be working, answered the call.

“I just kept saying her name over and over. ‘Tenia, Tenia,’ to get her attention,” Teri said. “‘It’s gonna be OK, Tenia, we’re coming.'”

The New Orleans Police Department did respond to the scene and everyone was OK.

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