Prosecution in Murdaugh trial need emphasize missing evidence: expert

(NewsNation) — Former CIA and FBI analyst Tracy Walder said on “NewsNation Prime” Sunday that she felt the prosecution in the double-murder trial of Alex Murdaugh needed to hit harder on the questions of missing evidence as the high-profile trial enters its fourth week.

The embattled South Carolina attorney faces life in prison if convicted of the charges he faces — murdering his wife and son.

On Friday, housekeeper testified that she never saw the shirt and shoes Murdaugh was wearing in a video hours before his son and wife were killed after their deaths.

Prosecutors were trying to explain why certain expected things — like bloody clothes — have still not been put into evidence after three weeks of trial. Under cross-examination, the housekeeper testified she never saw in Murdaugh’s wardrobe a large blue rain jacket that tested positive for a significant amount of gunshot residue.

Former CIA and FBI analyst Tracy Walder said on “NewsNation Prime” Sunday that what stood out to her about the testimony was the level of detail the housekeeper had about Murdaugh’s clothing.

“She really went through and had quite a detailed list,” Walder said. “She seemed to know really most of the clothing that the Murdoch household had in it. And the fact that she never saw these articles of clothing, again, is actually interesting in the fact that they’re, they’re missing.”

Further testimony from the housekeeper even led to a failed attempt by the defense to push for a mistrial.

Walder said she felt the prosecution in the case was falling short on the question of missing evidence.

“I think the prosecution really needs to hit that a lot harder in terms of what was done through the investigation and the investigative process, and how a lot of things slipped through the cracks because that’s going to put doubt in the jury’s mind,” she said.

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