NYC, Philadelphia police both searching for shooting suspect


(NewsNation) — Police in both Philadelphia and New York City are searching for a man suspected of shooting people in both cities, just a few days apart.

Both incidents were captured on camera.

Philadelphia police say Termaine Saulsbury allegedly walked behind a Philadelphia parking authority worker and shot him at point-blank range on Nov. 25. The parking employee ended up surviving the near-fatal gunshot.

“I believe the bullet hit him on the side of the neck, bounced off his spine, back up out of his shoulder, and lands in his jaw,” Capt. John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department said.

On Nov. 22, at a gas station in the New York City’s Bronx neighborhood, police say Saulsbury shot another man. Security camera footage from the store shows a man motioning for a clerk to come to the door.

“He knocks on the door and just quickly draws the gun and fires into the head and neck area of that individual, who goes down almost like our parking authority,” Walker said. “It’s a horrifying video. His actions are clearly out of control.”

The gas station clerk in New York also survived.

NBC Philadelphia reported that the city’s police and New York City Police Department detectives worked with the Philadelphia Parking Authority, U.S. Marshals and transit police to identify the gunman as Saulsbury.

Police say Saulsbury may still be in the Philadelphia area, ABC7 New York said. Investigators, according to the news outlet, say he is about 5 feet, 9 inches to 6 feet tall, with a thin build.

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