Search warrants in Oklahoma killings contained errors

  • Seven bodies were found on a rural Oklahoma property
  • Search warrants contained inaccurate information
  • Families are demanding more information from police

(NewsNation) — Search warrants issued after the killing of six people in rural Oklahoma contained errors, including misidentifications of victims.

The search warrants obtained by NewsNation affiliate KFOR-TV were executed after police discovered the bodies of seven people on a property in Henryetta, Oklahoma. It’s believed registered sex offender Jesse McFadden killed his wife, her three children and two other kids before turning the gun on himself.

According to the Okmulgee County District Court Clerk’s Office, eight search warrants were issued, but only three have been returned so far.

The first warrant was executed May 1, the same day the bodies were found. It shows police recovered only three items from their search of the property that day: photographs, a State Farm drive safe token and miscellaneous receipts.

Another warrant shows police processed McFadden’s white Chevrolet Avalanche on May 8 and seized the following items:

  • Eight latent print cards — five palm and three fingerprint
  • Four pairs of swabs from exterior door handles, four interior door handles, steering wheel
  • Route 66 lanyard with two Brinks keys on ring
  • Straw from driver’s side flat lid cup
  • Straw from passenger side cup dome lid
  • Three purchase receipts
  • Two McDonald’s McCafe cups

The search warrants also contained incorrect information.

Court records state, “Your affiant was made aware of a missing persons case involving a 14 year old female, named Tiffany Guess,” and that an Amber Alert was issued for Guess and Ivy Webster.

Both statements are inaccurate.

There was a “Missing and Endangered” alert for Webster and Brittany Brewer. Guess was not included in the notification.

All three were found dead on the property. Webster and Brewer were reported missing the day before the bodies were found.

Guess’ mother Holly, who was married to McFadden, and her other two children Rylee Elizabeth Allen, 17, and Michael James Mayo, 15, were also found dead.

Webster’s parents said she and Brewer had gone to a slumber party at McFadden and Holly Guess’ home, which they did frequently.

While court records state Tiffany Guess’ father was interviewed by police about items found inside the home, Webster’s father Justin claims he is the one who was interviewed.

“How many times does it take a sheriff’s office to mess up over and over and over again to where we finally get an investigation into the sheriff’s office?” Justin Webster told KFOR. “They failed once again miserably, over and over and over again.”

The search warrants also listed three separate addresses for McFadden’s property, which is several acres wide.

Documents show Tiffany lived at 14317 Holly Road. It shows Ivy was spending the night at 14360 Holly Road. The mailbox outside of McFadden’s property has 14600 as the street number.

NewsNation affiliate KFOR-TV reporter Kaylee Olivas contributed to this report.


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