Suspects identified in NYC nightclub druggings and killings

  • Three gang members have been named suspects in two killings last year
  • One victim's mother is urging others with similar cases to speak up
  • The two deaths are part of a string of druggings and robberies

(NewsNation) — Police have identified suspects wanted for the murders of John Umberger and Julio Ramirez, two men who were drugged and robbed after leaving gay nightclubs last year.

“It was very painful. Horrible, just horrible,” said Linda Clary, Umberger’s mother. “You have to wonder what drives someone to do this, what happened in their life that they can do this.”

After being told her son overdosed, Clary pushed the police to investigate further, suspecting something else had happened. Clary joined “NewsNation Prime” to discuss the developments in her son’s and Ramirez’s cases.

“We all know John, and this is not how it was,” Clary said. “And to anybody who’s in a similar situation, I would encourage them, please keep pushing, please dig deep. And then other victims, please, please come forward and help us. We need your help. We need these people off the streets. There are multiple gangs doing this. It’s not just this one group of people. There are other gangs who are responsible for other deaths, and we need to stop them.”

Umberger and Ramirez’s deaths are part of a string of druggings and robberies. There have been at least 14 similar incidents, according to Clary, who has wondered if they’re related.

Jayqwan Hamilton, 35, Robert Demaio, 34 and Jacob Barroso, 30, were indicted last week for the murders of Umberger and Ramirez. Three additional suspects also face charges of grand larceny, robbery and conspiracy to drug and rob in connection with at least 17 incidents throughout the city.


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