Texas taco shop robbery turns to shooting

(NewsNation) — A robbery at a Texas taco shop turned into a shooting after a man with what turned out to be a plastic gun began robbing customers, only to be shot by a customer with a real gun.

Houston police reportedly said the shooter’s attorney has come forward and said his client is ready to talk.

It happened last Thursday, just before midnight in a taco shop in southwest Houston. Surveillance video captured it all.

Houston police said a man walked in dressed all in black, wearing a black ski mask and gloves. Witnesses told police the man pointed a gun at customers and demanded money. People dropped to the ground and started throwing their cash, including one man eating at a booth.

But when the suspect turned, the man in the booth pulled out a gun and shot the suspect multiple times. He grabbed the suspect’s weapon and put it on the table.

The man then put on his glasses and went up to the suspect and went through his pockets before he offered the stolen money back to the customers in the store.

Police said the suspect’s gun was fake, and video showed the man throwing it at the wall. He then walked out and left in a red truck.

The suspect died at the scene.

Police want to talk to the man about what happened. No charges have been filed and the district attorney’s office said it can’t speculate on charges before police finish up their investigation.

But the office did point out Texas law does include self-defense provisions in case of robbery.


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