Weinstein conviction brings relief for victims


(NewsNation) — Harvey Weinstein’s conviction for rape in a Los Angeles court will bring relief for victims, NewsNation’s Rich McHugh reports.

Weinstein was convicted of rape and sexual assault against one of the four victims in the trial, Jane Doe number one.

Rich McHugh has kept in touch with Weinstein’s alleged victims, and said the overwhelming response has been relief.

“Because there’s this other trial in New York, that could be overturned. And so this effectively puts him away for a long time and puts everybody at ease,” McHugh explained.

McHugh met with Jane Doe number one after reports about Weinstein’s predatory behavior broke out.

“I always believe that if she were to tell her story in a court of law, he would be found guilty. And that’s essentially what happened here of the others that went against him,” he said.

McHugh said her case was especially compelling because the victim didn’t have any kind of connection to Weinstein prior to the assault. Jury members who spoke after the trial said they didn’t convict on other counts in part because of ongoing contact between Weinstein and the victims.

“But Jane Doe number one, it was unanimous that all of them said because she hardly knew this person, Harvey Weinstein. She was in town from Rome. She was visiting. She never contacted them again. It was a unanimous decision on their part,” McHugh said.

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